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TR2/3/3A TR2 Gas Tank


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Can anyone give me more info on or pictures of the proper gas tank for a TR2. TRF mentions something about the outlet being on the right side and posts a different P/N than the one used on TR3 up to 60k. Looking under the car my trunk floor has holes that appear to fit an early TR3 tank.


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My TR2, 5248, had the fuel tap in the center. My TR3 has it on the right. The TR2 tank is a bit larger capacity too, so it extends a little farther into the cabin than the TR3.

I'll try to post pics...but I'm on my iPad, so sometimes photobucket gets finicky.

I think I got it...







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Thanks, the end question is going to be can I put a pre 60k gas tank in the car because on original tr2 tank will be impossible to find. It appears the drain and outlet are positioned the same.


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Victoria British still lists the early fuel tank, although very pricey. I don't know if the later tank will fit, but I suspect there may be issues. The post 60k bodies changed the shape of the rear shelf between the boot and cabin, and I think that was the reason for the tank change.


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John you should be able to fix that tank. They have this new product out for sealing gas tanks. The post 60K tank sits higher up off the trunk floor also. It could be just be serendipitous they sit higher, but they do not rust out so quick from being underwater when the trunk drain hoses fail. Anyways I think the pre60K tank will drop right in a tr2, but I have not tried it. Buying new is smart when it comes to gas tanks, but sometimes I see old ones that might be ok on eBay. If you do buy new from the guy in southern Cal, make sure you flush the tank out good because they are full of welding debris. His tanks are made with thicker metal, but I think there is something different with the inner baffles.


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As bad as it looks, I am considering fixing the tank in the pics. My only concern is the bare welds on the interior. When I get to it, I'll have a research period when I study coatings to prevent a future rust out. All my memories of tank coatings in my motorcycle days were not good ones. I know many have talked about coatings working well. My experiences are that, if the coating doesn't take the first time, you're sc$&@ed after that. I don't trust them...yet anyway.

I'd also like to look into galvanizing the repaired tank. That would last longer than I will...!
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