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TR6 TR-6 Tune Up Shop Recommendation


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While working on Bugeye restoration I noticed my '73 TR6 was looking forlorn and neglected. Have fixed many of the PO boo boo's but cant quite get it to run like I remember (had a '76 many years ago). Old girl can't quite get out of her own way. Carbs rebuilt, new dizzy etc but can't get it tuned to my satisfaction. Have tried fooling with timing (vacuum gauge tried too), sure carbs need tinkering with also. At this point I think I need some more experienced help.

Can anyone recommend a good tuner shop in WV or SW PA (Pittsburg or south)? Don't think there is anyone in north central WV but I would consider anywhere within an hour or two.


Right now all style, no substance. Looks ain't everything.

Can PM me if necessary.

Thanks, Eric


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73's had some fickle carb's. They were just like the 74-76 except one thing and that was the 1 year only lever that transitioned the float chamber vent.
If you want to troubleshoot that, just repost.
Other than that, I'm no help with your dilemma.


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did you send your dizzy off and have it rebuilt? when I first got my 71 TR6 I took the dizzy apart and one of the weights was frozen so I sent it off to be recurved by Jeff at Advanced dist



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She does look great however...

+1 on Distributor health check from Jeff

We can work through carbs here.

What is her timing like now?


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From your photo it looks like the rear carburetor vent has a stainless braided hose to the valve cover. The front carburetor has what looks like a black hose going to ???... The stainless braided hose going across the front is used for what purpose?

I graduated from Fairmont State College now University in 1974. At Fairmont State to make some additional money I was in the work-study program and was selected to work in the automotive lab for the automotive instructor at that time Richard Whiteman. Richard was from Bridgeport and back in ’74 ran a Fiat in SCCA events. I serviced Richard’s Fiat, Corvette, and Jeep flat head CJ. I also serviced the machine shop instructor’s MG Magnett and the strength of materials instructor’s Volvo with two Zenith-Stromberg’s with a pointer and harmonic balancer that did not match at TDC. Richard is probably in his early to mid 70’s now and if he is still living in the Bridgeport area and would be an excellent resource.

The vent system on the Zenith-Stromberg carburetors is critical to air/fuel mixture control. I would look at that system first… The distributor bushings will wear but installing a Crane optic ignition will fix that. The springs and flyweights are easily serviced. If you are running the vacuum retard I would change to a vacuum advance unit. I modified the point mounting plate adding a stop for the advance. I also run triple Stromberg’s.

Another thought was University Motors used to be in Pittsburgh PA. I bought a left rear wing for my ‘67 Healey Sprite in ‘71 after being hit by an SS ’66 396 Chevelle. The owner of the Chevelle offered me his car to pay for my injuries and the damages to the Sprite. Probably should have taken the Chevelle…


Two SW PA shops that come to mind are Boffo Motors in New Brighton, (724)843-3181. Jim has a terrific knowledge of British cars and their workings. McB Motorcar in Bridgeville (412)221-9099 has been around for a long time, but I don't know much about them.


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big6 said:
From your photo it looks like the rear carburetor vent has a stainless braided hose to the valve cover. The front carburetor has what looks like a black hose going to ???... The stainless braided hose going across the front is used for what purpose?

The black hose on the front carb I believe is a fuel tank vent hose. The hose from the valve cover you have identified, the other is a hose from the brake unit to the intake manifold. There is another stainless hose at the front that is visible but that is a water hose from the thermostat housing to the manifild. Plumbing may not be optimal after removing carbon can etc. Need some help there.

The dizzy was rebuilt and re-curved by Jeff, I believe with only the mechanical advance used.

Carbs were rebuilt by Jeff Palya and have not been touched.

Will get the vacuum gauge back out check and retime, can't recall what it is.

Don't know if cam timing is correct or if harmonic balancer timing marks came back from rebuild correct either.


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There is a shop in Roanoke, Va called Webb Motors. I haven't had any work done there but they seem to be busy. I did buy some wheels from them and they were straight and true just as they said.
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