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Today's question - vacuum advance


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Good morning friends, Ms. Triss is getting perilously close to drivable which is great because the weather is getting perilously close to being drivable in.

At least a year ago I noticed that the vacuum advance unit was hanging loose on the distributer. I found a screw and reattached it but it was never really tight. I then forgot about it until last night when I noticed again.

So, it is attached but it is not snug by any measure.

It is important to know that I don't have the vacuum hose hooked up. Back in 2011 at the 50th in Elkhart Lake Jeff Schlemmer suggested that I not worry to use the vacuum in part because the 1500 California cars had vacuum retard not advance. So it wasn't doing anything.

So. Do I worry? would a slightly loose unit be doing something inside? any thoughts?

thanks all!


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When I first bought my '69, the vaccuum line between the advance and the carb was not hooked up. I later hooked up the vacuum line. It didn't seem to make any kind of noticeable difference, so I went back to plugging both ends off. Baby Blue is fitted with a Pertronix ignition, and the "Pancake" PCV valve was removed and the line plugged off, too. I don't know how much of a factor either one of those is in relation to vacuum advance, but they are definitely deviations from stock.


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My Morris Minor runs a 1275 and single larger carb, Pertronix and no vacuum line at all. Runs well so I've never bothered to hook up anything.
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