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TR6 Title with correct VIN


I'm having a problem getting the Louisiana DMV to issue a title with an 'O' as the last character. The title I received as a 0 instead. They say the US doesn't use an 'O' because of the confusion it could create. Does anyone have a title with the 'O' and if so, what is the state of issue?


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My California registered Tr4 has "LO" as the last two characters of the VIN number.
Any Tr4 and I think Tr2-Tr3's that were originally equipped with OD will have "LO" as the last two characters of the VIN.



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For a tr3, the number is followed by an "l" & "O". L means left hand drive, and if so equipped, O for overdrive (This British VIN how do you change it in USA?)


Yes, the O is for overdrive. But the Louisiana DMV will not issue me a title ending in an O. Does your CA title have LO on it?
I want to be able to tell the DMV that other states use the O. BTW, I lived in Milpitas from 1980-1991. Was stationed at Moffett Field.


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What you need to do is point out to the DMV personnel that prior to 1981 there was no restriction on the use of the letters "I" and "O". If your car is older than that, there is no reason for them not to issue a title with the correct VIN even if it contains an "O". You may have to go to a more senior employee at the DMV office to push this through.

Geo Hahn

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My TR4 was originally titles (Hawaii) with a '1' on the end rather than an 'L'. Possibly because they didn't like a letter there, possibly because a typewriter lower case L is more or less identical to a one. When I retitles the car in Arizona I took in some documentation (probably Piggot) and convinced them that it was an L.


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Yes, the California pink slip for my '63 Tr4 has "LO" as the last two characters of the VIN.
I dug the pink out of the safe and just verified it.

Milpitas has really grown since you left.
Moffett Field is kind of a ghost town since the Navy left.
We are still waiting for GOOGLE to finally get the approvals/permits to re-skin Hangar 1.

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