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TR2/3/3A Tires


Going to put new tires on my TR3A in the spring. Based on age of tires - not wear. Which tires does everyone prefer?

So far trying to decide between Michelin XZX and Vredestein Sprint. Both available online for about $122 each.

There's a great performance shop in the Cincinnati area that can properly mount, balance. true and align wire wheel and a TR3.


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I had Michelin XZX on my TR3. Had to replace them due to age, not wear (they still looked brand new when I took them off). I now have Vredestein Sprints on the car. The Sprints seem to be a little softer and handle a little better than the XZX. Of course that could be due to the fact that the Michelins were over 30 years old when I did my seat-of-the-pants comparison.

Graham H

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I agree the Vredestein Sprints look the part and work well.

Graham P1010153.jpg

Frank Canale

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Graham, Your car would make any tire look great. Frank


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I've got Vred Sprint Classics on my TR3, but they are on wider (5.5") wires. I'm using 185-70/15. Nice tire, handles well. I aligned using the string method.


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