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Timing marks on the flywheel - 1100cc


It has been said that timing the A series engine can be greatly simplified by observing the timing marks on the flywheel through the access port at the top of the transmission. This as apposed to craning your body around to view the notch in the crank pulley in relationship to the "timing teeth" attached to the front timing chain cover while a friend twists the distributor position.

I have looked for these and believe that any marks that may have been there were likely removed when I had my flywheel lightened. I have seen 1/4 = TDC on early Minis as well as 5, 10, & 15% advance marks.

So, should I forget this option or reestablish the TDC and other marks on my flywheel and some sort of reference mark on the transmission case?


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Fred_Maves said:
So, should I forget this option or reestablish the TDC and other marks on my flywheel and some sort of reference mark on the transmission case?

Forget this option, spend $20 on Jeff's kit and go drive
Timing Tape Kit


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That timing tape kit doesn't work on a 1098 flywheel as there is no harmonic balancer, the crank pulley simply being held together with six rivets. Paul A. made a little tab using that same bolt location with the three timing marks etched into it, and a filed mark in the pulley, effectively moving the timing marks from under the car to where they can easily be seen from above, when he rebuilt my engine, oh so many years ago.
When I built these engines, I add timing pointers to the top side.


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So Hap, you put a harmonic balancer on the 1098 engines? Is that what I'm seeing in the picture?


As far as I have ever seen you can only use the flywheel timing for a Mini (or derivative of it..) not for an in-line engine setup.
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