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TR2/3/3A Timing cover/crank hub oil seal Question


Jedi Knight
The seal I got from Moss is different from the last one I installed.
it has a metal band around the outside.
wondering :
A) is it as good as the old one?
(no leak in two years)
B) best install technique ?
New one on the left side.


Country flag
What does your collar look like on the hub that is usually were the leak is caused? I am block of wood and hammer guy, but I am sure there is a proper tool. They make that go over seal sleeve also if your hub is grooved out too much, but I have never had any luck with that stuff; they make the hub to big. Clean up the hub with some fine paper and the seal will probably land in a different spot anyway and you will be fine or buy a new hub.


Luke Skywalker
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Yup, Block of wood or big socket. Just be careful to get it started evenly. The new seal is actually more like the original. Tom


Jedi Knight
Should I use halomar blue or an RTV in the base of the housing......don't recall using it last time, but it was a flexible seal ring.

wish I had a socket that big.....might be time for a run to HFT.


Senior Member
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rubber mallet, hammer and wood. If the surface on which the seal lip rides is bad, you can take it to NAPA and get a SpeediSleeve to renew it. They can size them by mic-ing the thing.
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