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Time to post an introduction.


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I own a black,square wheel arch, 1968 Austin Healey Sprite IV 1275cc, . I first found it in the hands of a rather nicely built maiden who was broken down on the hard shoulder of a motorway here in the UK (verge of the freeway to some). Her boy-friend did not appreciate my offer of help saying there was nothing any-one can do as he had had a look at the car and it needed a new engine. After breaking the end off a spare bit of dangly wire from under the hood to replace the broken ground lead in the distributor they were able to get on their way and the girl passed her address on to me by way of thanks. After a few visits (without boy-friend, she got rid of him) she admitted the car was for sale so I bought it. That was around 40 years ago.
I've still got it but when going to work one windy day a line of road works barrier blew across the front of the car and the bonnet/hood flew up. This wrapped itself around the top of the front screen and dented the decker panel at the base of the screen. One or two other misformed bits made the need for a new shell a bit of a must. Given half a reel of gaffer tape to fill the gap under the screen and a couple of luggage straps at the front the car drove on for another few years. But I bought bought it a nice new shell from BL Heritage.
I moved house - it cost as much to move one garage worth of stuff to the new property as it did the rest of the house! That's where I stand now, I need to swap the old bits to the new shell and get the 'little black one' turned back into its original colour a 'little blue one'.
I've been poor and broke all my early life which means if I wanted something I had to make or mend it for myself. Built computers for myself and the kids, Played with Land Rovers (Spridgets on steriods - similar spanners but smaller hammers) for years, became a qualified vehicle examiner and produced reports on car incidents for insurance companies, solicitors, the Police and Courts and generally had and still do have a happy life. Now retired and go to the shed to get my hands dirty every afternoon.



Welcome to the new and improved BCF. Sounds like that little Sprite keeps you busy. That BL shell must a sight!!


Hello GuideA

Welcome to the forum.

The Spridget section of the forum is very active so you are sure to get plenty of tips and advice for your Sprite project.



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Welcome to the BCF, GuideA! Now that we know all about the history of the car - what happened to the girl? :p