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Tiger with 302 engine


Freshman Member
I'm new to Tigers and am starting to look. If a Tiger has a 302 engine, I assume it is not stock. If it is really a Tiger (not an Alpine), does the 302 engine have a large impact on price and desirability?


Jedi Warrior
If the Tiger is otherwise a perfect car it might have a small impact on price
There are quite a few Tigers with 302s installed.
It would be not really noticeable.However if you are going to be judged at a concours it would probably affect the judging as it would most likely be now in a modified class.
I myself would not be concerned if I was buying a Tiger with a 302.


Jedi Knight
It depends. The 302 outwardly is the same size as the 260 and if the swap kept a period intake and carb, generator mount and so on there's be very little obvious when sitting to tell them apart.

Most guys however "jazz" them up with non period accessories and chrome work and along with it tend to modify other parts of the car from stock condition. Depending on what's been done and how well, it can even enhance the price. I know guys who have gone as far as stroking their 302 to a 347 with dual carbs and in one case nitrous.

Personally I still run the stock 260, although 260 specific bits like pistons are getting hard to get. But I like it in stock condition rather than a fire breathing monster.

Worth is in the eye of the beholder.


Jedi Warrior

I'm glad to hear you are one of the good guys that are keeping the car stock.We certainly need more like you.

However I'm so far from stock with both cars that what people do to theirs does not bother me.I appreceiate workmanship regardless iif it is stock or modified as long as it is done with safety being the utmost concern.

Enjoy the journey


Jedi Knight
I'm mostly stock with some minor changes. Rather than the original black interior I went with a grey because I liked it's match better against the midnight blue. But I do have a LAT2 intake as an upgrade and one of the few with the original style vaccum choke lines running through the exhaust manifold for heating the air.


Luke Skywalker
Country flag
I find that the "hotter" you make the engine, other mods need to be proformed...mainly to the cooling system. The last one I did was a 260 in Balmoral Grey with blue interior and no mods. A 302 lump will slightly effect the cost. 260 lumps that have not been bored, etc are getting difficult to come by.

Bob Claffie

Jedi Knight
Country flag
As an aside to this thread, is there a factory or after-market bell housing available to mate the stock Ford top loader to a "stock" 302 late model Mustang engine ? thanks, Bob


Freshman Member
Yes, there are bell housings that will mate the 302 6 bolt engine to the early HEH 4 speed top loader. The ones I have seen are drilled to accept both the early top loader and the later top loader. Hard to find, though. Keep an eye on Ebay - it is the only place I have seen them. Paul
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