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Tie rod ends


Freshman Member
It's time to replace the steering boots. Anyone have a simple method of separating the tie rod ends from the steering arms? My pickle fork is way too big and doesn't look like it would work even if it was smaller.


Staff member
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BFH - on the side of steering arms - it's tapered and should drop right out


Jedi Warrior
I used this:



Spend another $5 on something or the other and get free shipping.

Worked great on the first tie-rod. The second was a bear and I had to use a spacer to get it to work.

Be prepared for a big bang when they separate. Ha!



Jedi Hopeful
I just marked the tie-rod ends and unscrewed them.... Needed an "alignment" anyway (I say "alignment" because it was done via jack-stands and string method outlined on a posting on this forum...).
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