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Throw away BN7 Gas tank

F Schreiber

Senior Member
I put an add in the clasiffied, no response.

I have a Bn7 gas tank, not really all that bad of shape, rusty inside, not bad outside. I am about to throw it away. I figure its original and could be refurbished if someone wanted an original.

Should I keep it or throw away. I am moving, I dont want to take it to new house just to throw away later.

John Turney

Country flag
I would toss it. The rust inside would be hard to remove and would likely clog a fuel line or filter and reduce reliability.


Great Pumpkin
Country flag
I agree with John toss it out


Jedi Knight
Country flag
Absolutely, toss it. The labor involved in cleaning it up (which is almost impossible to do well) will make you wish you just shelled out the money for a new one. I also found pin hole after pin hole when I got to bead blasting no less than 3 old fuel tanks that certainly looked ok, fooling me into doing the work.
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