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Throttle linkage on 1967 LHD. BJ8


Freshman Member
Hello All.
Could somebody give me the distance between the center of ball joint housings on a 1967 LHD BJ8 throttle linkage.
Relay rod to accelorator.
Accelorator to spindle.
Pedal shaft to relay rod.
Numbers 83.96.55. on page 5.21 in SC parts catalogue.
I have just changed the 3 weber carbs back to SU HD8's.Many thanks Phil.
PS. Any photo's of this area would be helpfull


Great Pumpkin
Country flag
Hi PhilM, no dimensions are provided however the entire linkage is shown interconnected in the factory manual. The alignment procedure is also included there.-Fwiw---Keoke


Jedi Trainee
I will assemble a BJ7 linkage on monday (16th). I'll try to remember to check the center to center dimensions then.

Alan T


Freshman Member
Thanks Anthony and Keoke for responding.
Cheers Alan, look forward to hearing from you.
Regards Phil


Jedi Trainee
OK , Here is what I have measured.

Pedal shaft to relay rod...6 5/8"
Rod to accelerator shaft...5"
Throttle rod to carbs..3 3/4"

Keep in mind this is a BJ7. The throttle rod would probably have a different dimension on HD8 carbs.

Alan T
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