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Three firsts tonight


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#1 Tonight was my first car show. Local Ford dealership has an annual come and park show that raises money for the local Lion's club. over 300 cars there. His lot was full and cars were parking at the grocery store next door - that didn't know they were coming. Literally everything from a tuner with a plexi hood and plexi hatch stereo cover to 2 model t's and everything in between, including a guy who showed up with a dirty, faded, Plymouth Acclaim k-car. No prizes to speak of, just lots O cars. Didn't hang around Ms Triss much so not much direct feedback though my general observation is that women & children like Midgets. I was parked in front of a late 60's early 70's vette and the conversations I heard all went like this.

wife: (pointing at Ms Triss) "That's a cute car."
husband: "Whoa, check out the vette."

was driving out in the midst of muscle cars galore and two 11 year olds, were waving at me- giving the big thumbs up - may have been their favourite car. - their size anyway.

#2 Drove on the highway for the very first time.

#3 drove over 70 mph for the very forst time.

Other than oiling the parking lot some, she pretty much did as she was supposed to. Actually ran better returning than arriving and no embarrassments.

all in all a good time was had by all.

BTW there was another '77 Midget in nice original condition, didn't meet the owner though and a number of B's including a few with V8 conversions. There was however one with an RX7 rotary conversion. I swear there was only half an engine there, I couldn't believe how small it was in the bay.


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Good stuff JP, yep that's the way it usually goes, I know the last show I was at a guy reluctantly came over and started asking about my car, parts availability, reliablity basically because his wife told him that he doesn't get a new Harley until she gets a car like mine... ha ha
Ms.Triss probably ran better once you gave it a good over 70 mph run ;-)


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Yeah, I noticed at the dream cruise, that a majority of the attention came from little kids... But as for the noticing though... Actually, I natuarraly was next to Vettes, Camaros, Cudas, etc. etc. and even some other quite rare vehicles, and people were still ignoring those and getting pics of mine, and the owners of those cars were giving me the looks and questions


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I had a similar experience Saturday. There were 10 cars for a church function. Two Porsches, a new GTO, 60's Impala convertible, '31 Model A coupe, Cobra 427 kit car, 55 Bell Air, 2008 Mustang GT convertible, late model Vette, and Midgie. Kids liked Midgie, wives liked Midgie, guys except for the ones who brought cars (most of which are friends of mine) made a quick look and on to the Cobra.


Hehehe THAT'S why ours are the "forgotten classics"!!! :jester:
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