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Thoughts on Miatas?


Great Pumpkin
Country flag
I'm thinking about getting back into autox,& hillclimbing again.
I'm thinking about an early MX5,as they're reliable,competitive,& ex-
Your thoughts.............?

- Doug
Fantastic cars. I've driven one briefly, really liked it. Nial here on the board has had one for a daily driver for a bunch of years.

Lots, and I mean LOTS of support, parts, go-fast bits available. I'd vote yes.
I owned a '95 for several years. I loved it....enough so that I occasionally thought about selling the MGB! The Miata handled great - and having AC and a top that went up and down in seconds was wonderful - although those features won't mean much to a race/track car. I eventually sold it just because I needed a 4-seater to haul my grandkids around. Replaced it with an XJ6, then came to my senses and got an Accord :smile:
I found one locally - asking $1200 for it,but it has 250,000 + miles on it.
Should I even think about it?

- Doug
I have a 99 10AE 6 speed and limited slip Diff . It has 34,000 miles on it. Fun car if you are under 5'9". At 6'1" I am just a bit to tall for the car. This is my second 99 10 AE. They can still be OK at 250,000 miles but have to be getting a little tired. I would want to see any service records for one with that mileage. My car is all original except for the tires, belts ,hoses and timing belt. All of which were changes because of age. We have a mild winter here in NC but its put away for a few more weeks until I am sure the roads are free of brine. I will be selling the car this year. Just not sure what its worth as a low mile car that's 17 years old! They are fun toys. Bob
No thoughts, too easy to fix!
I have driven a couple they are great cars, they are generally very reliable, but the oldest ones are 25 years old now (amazing!, much older than the British cars I bought and thought were old when I was young). Anyway, anything that old may start to have issues, but the nice thing about the cars us they kept them simple so less to go wrong.

I have been tempted to get one, but am kind of afraid I would stop driving my British car. We have several that autocross in our British club, they are quick, doesn't seem to matter what generation. But a well prepped Sprite is still very competitive with them. My TR250, not so much, but being contrarily since I can't beat them I didn't join them, I got an old Porsche 924 instead, slow but supposed to handle well.
When I can no longer put off the engine rebuild on my '69 Sprite, I'm really leaning towards purchasing a used Miata so I can continue having the top-down experience for my daughter while the Sprite undergoes long term maintenance. I'm sure when that day comes with the Sprite, it's going to be "Well, since I have the engine out, I ought to (fill in the blank), and see a longer term of it being off the road than the standard 2 to 3 month winter maintenance cycle.
Thanks to all who replied.I've decided to work on what's in the garage,
before getting another machine to deal with.
First,I need to get rid of that '68 MGB that's sitting on the trailer........
Had a 2001 Miata for several years. Loved it! All the fun of a Little British car without the oil leaks!
I've contemplated a Miata a few times and I am leaning towards getting one once I have paid off my daily driver.
I drove a 90 for years. Put on over 300 thousand miles Dependable, fun, cheap.
The nice thing is, they are always salable, if you want or need cash.
And with 120 or more horse, they perform well at highway speeds.
I hit a deer with mine at 60 mph. took the punch and after repairs, came back flying.
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