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TR2/3/3A those 3 white wires onto the ignition switch


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Ok I hope this makes sense, I am putting those 3 white wires onto the ignition switch on an original 1958 ignition and there really is not any room for all 3 wires. So, I am thinking why not hook the one white from the ignition warning light onto white wire side of the push start. It looks to me as soon as the key is turned the post on the push start will get hot and light the light, and it should not make any difference. Then I would 2 white wires on the key and 2 whites on the push switch rather than 3 on the key and 1 on the push start.


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Yup, should work fine.


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I am pretty sure I had to do something like that. I don’t remember the exact posts, but I think I followed the power to another post and tied the last white onto that other post. As long as you don’t miss and go to an always hot post it should work out fine.

Reminds me of studying aircraft schematics. The schematics always show what they call “busses”, which are common powered items. You have items on the “battery hot bus”, which is always hot but fused...or “battery direct bus”, which is always hot no matter what, so long as the battery is not dead. Then you have rt DC, Emergency DC, etc. Well, I bring this up, as I always thought of something called a “bus” as being large bar with all these wires going into it, sort of like the common “bus” in your home fuse box. I later learned airplanes don’t have any such thing! The “bus” is really just wires going from here to there to there, with no bars or any such heavy connector.

So, basically you are good moving a white wire so long as you keep it on the “battery switched” bus circuit!!?!


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So, basically you are good moving a white wire so long as you keep it on the “battery switched” bus circuit!!?!

Sorta like a bus driving from one stop to another.
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