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This is a different Spridget


Great Pumpkin
~LINK~ :scared:



Darth Vader
Country flag
I guess this would be the ride of choice for the pimp who enjoys driving LBCs.

Well, the rockers are nice, straight and rust free.


Jedi Knight
the pink isn't gaudy, and car seems very straight and clean. door panels would be fine for female owner (50% of population).

that bathroom carpet needs to go along with seat covers.
Install some nice black leather or vinyl seat covers with pink piping, black looped carpet in the interior and trunk it would be fine. Cover speakers in rear

I would drive it if the door panels were returned to standard.
My wife thinks says confident men wear pink, so same goes for car.

side note hear, blue/pink colors for sexton ID didn't start till early this century as a marketing tool.


Well come on guys, as I mentioned on MGX, I'd like to meet the lady this belonged to. Shes got gut's and I'll bet it would be a fun conversation! Even if it weren't pink, any girl that drives a midget is OK by me!!

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