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Wedge Thinking of selling my TR8...


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I'm going to lose money if I do, but what I get could help pay for the new project and clear room in my already stuffed garage. I don't really want to do the ebay thing or craigslist for that matter. It seems that most everyone on our board likes to find bargains(Tom) and then save/restore. Perhaps one of you knows someone who wants a mostly original, mostly sorted TR8 with 21,000 on it. Do you think $10,000 is wishful thinking in this economy? Has anyone seen one go for $10 or more? Just thinking... build an extra garage?


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The value of the top of the line cars doesn't seem to be effected by the bad economy as much as the lower end cars. What you have is in the top 1% of collectable TR8s. You don't have to deal with the tire kicker want something for nothing type of buyer. You should get what you paid for it and maybe even more. Just have to get it to the right buyer.


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I have mine insured for $18000. If I sold it today I would expect it to go for around $13,000 - $15,000.

Mine is 99% stock with a mirror finish paint like yours. In fact with your color, Yours would seem more valuable.

My car placed third at Nationals in concourse and won the Bill Riley / Bill Wood award as well. ( I had points deducted for things like Canvas top & boot, non original radio, etc)

Yours looks better than mine from what I have seen.... $10,000 seems low to me.

Best of luck


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Wanna trade your 81 TR8 for my 80 Spitfire? They are worth about the same. Its not that I don't like my Spit, its just that I have a hard time accelerating into 80+ MPH traffic here in FL. I've been looking into engine swaps, but I keep coming up with the need to modify the exterior look of the car, and messing with the perfectly beautiful exterior lines of a Spitfire is a crime.


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Actually I did it as soon as he posted it. I just didn't respond.
yuk yuk yuk


Great Pumpkin
Why do these things always come up when I'm involved with other projects????

Larry, if you remember I told that you that if you ever wanted to sell, I'd be very interested. Now yours and Alan's are available and I'm not ready!!!

Oh well, I guess it's not my time.


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Don - I just got the TR8 mailing list and I in fact beat you posting Larry's TR9 there by 1 minute and 40 seconds.


One meaningless victory for me baby!

(maybe I should lay off that second cup of coffee....)
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