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Thinking of buying a 1960 Austin Healey- Questions


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Hello all, I am hoping to find out about a 1960 Austin Healey project I am looking at buying. It has a kit car body, very neat, gull wing doors, and is said to have a 60' Healey pan under it with a 6 cylinder engine and a 4 speed. The wheels are wire, with center knock-offs. I am looking for opinions about a car of this nature.


Dave Russell

Yoda - R.I.P
Re: Thinking of buying a 1960 Austin Healey- Quest

Hi Stephen,
Welcome to BCF.

I guess it depends on what you wish to end up with. There are Healey kit cars for sale on Ebay for about 1/3 the price of an unmolested car.


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Re: Thinking of buying a 1960 Austin Healey- Quest

The price for this one is $5000, and from what I can see, I guess that is ok for the car. I have seen some for a lot more. Does the 60' have a 6 cylinder, or is that a mod.?


And thank you for the welcome, I have always liked british sports cars, and so maybe I can make this work.


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Re: Thinking of buying a 1960 Austin Healey- Quest

The contemporary kit cars that you see on eBay usually are V8 powered and have little or no real Healey content. In the day of the Healey there were a number of kits to "re-body" the Healey. Devin and Fiberfab and others. If it turned out to be one of those, it would be interesting.

Marv James

Dave Richards

Jedi Knight
Re: Thinking of buying a 1960 Austin Healey- Quest

And, probably selling for more than $5,000.


Freshman Member
Re: Thinking of buying a 1960 Austin Healey- Quest

very interesting, thank you all for the info. I will ask about the body type and definately give this thing a look.

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