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Thermovacuum switch for a 1973 V12 XKE


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My brother in the UK recently purchased a 73 V12 XKE from Ohio. He has asked me if I could source the thermovacuum switch but as a Triumph owner this is alien territory for me. Is there a US source or an interchange number from another make of car. Any help in educating me in finding this would be greatly appreciated.


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I confess that I don't know anything about the V12 XKE motor, but is it possible it is the same vacuum switch that was used in the TR6 motor?
I think I have one if it turns out to be the same part. Below is the Moss cat number and description
TR6 1972-’74

Geo Hahn

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The E-Type thermovacuum switch has 4 ports, the Triumph has 2 ports. As it is part of emissions control it can probably be bypassed. First is knowing what it controls and the purpose. As this is an obsolete part I have to think that some current owners have already eliminated this component. If anyone out there has done this please let me know what is involved.
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