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Thermostat question - is it needed in hot weather?


Jedi Hopeful
My 59 BE, 1275 engine started to overheat the other guy, got it home in time. Went to check the thermostat and it was definitely defunct. Removed it, went for short drive and water temp was fine.

Looking in Moss catalog, they sell a blanking sleeve to put into the spot where a thermostat would go, and don't recommend driving without a thermo. if you don't use this sleeve?

Is that true? Seems like in hot weather, I don't need the water to not go into the radiator at startup....engine warms up quickly.


Great Pumpkin
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Put a correct thermostat in the car. 180 degree one. No blanking plate, your not raceing.


If you run without a blanking sleeve/thermostat then the water is not forced to the back of the engine in its circulation but just goes from the radiator to the front two cylinders and back, your rears will soon/often have problems (this is according to David Vizard).
At the very least put in the big ring from the thermostat after you have broken out the center section, it kind-of substitutes for a blanking sleeve.


Jedi Warrior
YEEEESSSS!!! Unless you want a blown head gasket, you should put some sort of something in there to make sure the water goes where it's supposed to. 160*, blanking sleeve, whatever.

Oh, and if you're having overheating problems, then your cooling system likely has some other problem (unless it truly was JUST a broken T-Stat)



Jedi Hopeful
Thanks everyone, will buy one tomorrow. It was a broken T-stat.
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