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The price on this bonnet.....


Obi Wan
Country flag
Patience! Good things come to him who waits!

Meanwhile, here is a nice, cheap Mk. IV to keep you occupied:


It has the special, super-rare seats with mottled brown decoration around the edges and matching brown speckles on the radio grille. A concours winner, for sure!

This one has been for sale quite a while, too. Can't imagine why...


Luke Skywalker
Anyone notice the bondo-ed in front fenders?!? ... so much wrong with this car... :nonono:


Country flag
Wonder what is hiding under that hunk of Bondo?


Jedi Knight
Whitephrog said:
......has dropped 32% in the past year. At that rate the price might be reasonable in about four years.


He is from my neck of the woods and had quite a bit of stuff at one time, all I thought priced high, but he seems to have sold quite a bit over the last year on ebay. so you can not fault him for starting high then dropping price. but I have notice other people have followed his lead in pricing, none have sold. The bonnet is in fair condition when I saw it last. The sad part his and he agrees is it let alot of it rust away over the years


Jedi Trainee
There is another bonnet on eBay priced over $2000.00. No way I would do it, but it makes me wonder what my BE is actually worth in parts. When it leaves my ownership I hope it goes in one whole piece!


Great Pumpkin
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If I wanted to pay that I would buy a new steel one, cheaper even.
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