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"The Older i Get - The Faster I Was"............


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Our oldest Son sent me an email,with a newspaper article of when I
was racing a Ford Fiesta in Showroom Stock "C" (SSC).
I made the mistake of looking through the old race albums,& noticing
that was 30+ years ago.
$200 (total) for a race weekend.Driving our "Race car" to the track (&-
back).I was an IDIOT - I didn't know how good I had it.
My last SCCA race was in 1982.I'd love to go back,but don't think that
I could afford it.I really miss those days.
Sorry - now back to reality.

- Doug


Luke Skywalker
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There are still ways to race on the cheap. I haven't been able to following them yet however....I like an air-conditioned room, soft bed, hot shower after a day of racing when on the road. I stopped adding the totals up, but just returned from a 3-day event about 500 miles from home it was about 2K for three of us. For grandpa, son, and me the memories are the greatest, and I've spent more on a "boys" weekend and haven't had nearly as much fun.


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