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MGB The first trip [long]

Bob Claffie

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Yesterday was the day. I couldn't make an inexpensive deal to get my new/old MGB transported to my home 210 miles from it's old home so I bit the bullet and drove it home. A good friend offered to bring me up to the car, help load the spares into his pick-up truck and follow me home.

This is a 1974.5 MG, still with dual carbs and equipped with OD. For the past 25 years it has been a "run around town/weekend" car. Averaging about a thousand miles a year over that time span . An original western car it still wears it's original paint, although patina would not do it justice.

However, getting back to the trip, the most direct way back home would entail about 150 miles on the interstates. While I was leery of this plan the alternative routes would be very time intensive so off we went. . After the first 20 miles or so I realized that this car was good enough to take the fast way home. That the car ran great was a pleasant surprise since due to the snow built up in front of it's garage i was unable to test drive it before buying. Thanks goodness for the working OD as we were clipping along at mostly 60 to 65 on the highway.

Had to make two fuel stops as the fuel gauge was not working and I didn't know what kind of mileage to expect at relatively high speeds. It appears to have been around 20 MPG but I didn't know at the time. Outside of that the ride was mostly uneventful. Oh, yes the odometer is pretty close but the speedometer is off by 50% +/-. I was using my GPS for speed until it's battery ran out. At this point the pick-up led the rest of the way and he set the pace.

I'm a "if it ain't broke don't fix it" kind of guy but I am going to do a total fluids change and a grease job in the next couple weeks. Bob

Mickey Richaud

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Good news! Sounds like you got a good one.


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Glad th trip worked out. And don't fear driving your MGB on the freeway -- an OD MGB can cruise nicely at freeway speeds all day long.


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yeah I picked up a B-GT with dry rotted tires and drove it seven hours home through the Norwegian mountains, about 20 minutes in I had that clarity moment that I wasent 18 any more, and this was not smart. but i made it. my over drive dosent work.

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