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the fire down below


Obi Wan
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Spotted a Pinto in traffic today.

It was in pretty good shape, too. Metallic brown, looked a lot like the one a college friend bought from Hertz back in the day.


Great Pumpkin
My first new car! A 1971 yellow Pinto, with 1600 engine and a/c.

Driving out of the dealer's lot, I hit a bump and the a/c fell out of the dash.

Fun car - for my $7000/year salary.


Staff member
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My friend's mom had one - not sure of the year but an earlier year - I didn't know you could buy a car that basic (even then) literally no options. vinyl seats, 4 speed, no radio - nada - nice shade of red though!


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The Carefree Car.


Jedi Warrior
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My dad bought a '71; only option was an AM radio. He loved it; gave it to my wife and I for a wedding present and I drove it for several years. Great car, wish they'd had the hatchback then. It finally started eating fuel pumps that ended up filling the crankcase with gas. After the 4th in fairly quick succession I installed an electric pump. Must have been the cleanest engine in town....


Senior Member
You know, I was at a show last summer, one of those "anything goes" shows without a theme, and I spent quite a bit of time talking with a guy who was showing a 1973 Pinto station wagon. Probably the same metallic brown you were talking about. He was the original owner, and it is still an original "survivor, I guess" car... he really hadn't done anything to it other than keep it running. It definitely wasn't in perfect shape, but I was just astounded that a Pinto was actually still drivable after 40+ years. It was very similar to my first car, a 1974 Pinto wagon in the same color. Mine didn't even make it to 8 years old before it basically fell apart.

And... the kicker: he's turned down 5 figure prices for it. I never, EVER thought I'd see the day that a Pinto wagon would be considered collectible. I guess that's kind of true for a lot of cars, but... a Pinto?


Jedi Warrior
I never, EVER thought I'd see the day that a Pinto wagon would be considered collectible.

Not even one of those Cruising Wagons with the porthole. A Pinto Pangra, perhaps...
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