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T-Series TF Side curtain storage in compartment


Great Pumpkin
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Lost my owners manual and need the diagram on how to lay the side curtains in the storage compartment. They've been out for a long time and for the life of me I can not remember how they lay in there! They'll only go in one way to fit without crushing them. Anyone have a drawing? I'll probably have to get another owners manual. I have a lot of MG books, but none have the side curtain storage layout. PJ


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Ah those side curtains. They only go in one way. It's been years since my last TD but NutmegCT has one now and can enlighten you no doubt.


Great Pumpkin
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Fellas, Thanks for getting back to me, I found my owners manual! I always put my books back on the shelf after reading, but I didn't remember putting the owners manual in the pocket of the cars passenger door. :rolleyes2: I have no idea why one would look for the owners manual in the car! Stupid is as stupid does. Sorry for interrupting your day, but I do appreciate your efforts. Yes, I knew the curtains only go in one way and without the manual it's tough trying to figure out the combination. Thanks again, much appreciated! :encouragement:
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