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T-Series TF Front Coil Springs


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Don't know if I've mentioned it here before but, ever since I restored the chassis on the TF, the right side front has set about a half inch higher than the left. Before installing the springs, of which I had 3 sets, I measured them to make sure they were both the same, but after they were installed, the right side set a little higher than the left, leaving me with the thought the right spring was a little stronger. I was about ready to order a new set from Moss, but I had to look further to see if something else was amiss. Looking up through the coil from the bottom with a light, I found that the coil was hung up on the outer edge of the spigot/centering cup. I put a narrow flat bar up along the spring, gave it a sharp tug and the spring popped in place! For the first time in 2 years the car sets perfectally level! So, if you replace a front coil spring, make sure it's centered over the cup in the top! This goes for MGBs also. A dumb mistake on my part, caused 2 years of agrivation :rolleyes:. Just thought I'd mention that. :blush: PJ


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I've noticed over the years that wisdom is another way to say "I've made that mistake before." :grin:

Thanks for the tip, will keep some of us from having to earn that same wisdom the hard way.
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