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sxplash or overflow when filling healey gas tank


Jedi Warrior
i am tired of having gasoline " feedback"" when filling my tank. i assume that due to the tank design the air cant escape as quickly as the gasoline is being pumped. and, suddenly an overflow event at the tank filler opening. any ideas on a suitable tank vent. would a suitable tube welded inside the filler tube work if it reached the top of the tank body? any ideas appreciated!


Darth Vader
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Maxwedge, when i first bought my Healey I didn't have that problem. Then after I restored it I started to have the problem. i was wondering what was different. I tried a variety of things including changing the angle that the tank sat in the trunk floor opening. But what I discovered was the way i was holding the gas pump nozzle when filling the tank. If I let the hose and handle angle out over the rear fender then the gas always sloshed out of the filler pipe before or when the nozzle would shut off. But if I turned the handle so that the hose end draped a bit over the trunk lid and down over the bumper then the nozzle could shut the gas off automaticly with out the sloshing. I still don't fill the tank with the nozzle going full bore. i hold it about half speed with my hand. I also put a rag on the body work just behind the fill pipe just in case. But the change in position of the handle made a big difference.
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The easiest solution is get a 100.

John Turney

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Is the any restriction in the filler pipe?

When I got my Aston filler cap, I found it easier and less permanent to flip the fill pipe over and install the new cap on the end that normally goes in the tank and figured the slight obstruction from the cap lugs on the top wouldn't matter. WRONG!! It doesn't take much of an obstruction to cause gas to back up.


Jedi Warrior
yes, i understand slower with the pump! but, being an impatient sort who drives his car often it is really a nuisance for me! thanks for the tips!
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