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TR4/4A Switch plinth.....Help Please.


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This switch plinth was on my TR4.
It is metal backed with foam formed ends.
I am looking to replace or refurbish it.
Looking on the TR supplier sites, could not find one to match.
Is this the correct plinth for TR4....if not what is it ?
Thanks in advance


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And be aware if you do use a TR4 plinth instead of the TR4A one you have you will need to modify or replace the wood dash (assuming you have a wood dash!). The TR4 plinth sits higher so the cutout is larger on the TR4 dash.
I believe you have TR4A from some of your postings in another forum. That also looks like a TR4A switch plinth although it appears to have been "modified" as it should have a ledge on the bottom side below the switches.

TRF has the TR4 and TR4A switch plinth's listed here.


Thanks guys for your input.
My car is a mix of 4 and 4A, hence me not being sure of the switch plinth.
Sorry for the confusion.
The plinth looks original, not modified.
From the above replies, I gather that it is a 4A plinth. TRF list a 4A one but no pic. Could not find a pic on Moss or Rimmer sites that matches mine.
Here's the owner's manual shots of the dash of the TR4 and TR4A. You can see that the TR4 sticks out while the TR4A is recessed with the "shelf" on the bottom which yours is missing and why I'm pretty sure it had to have been modified from original.

TR4 dash:

TR4A dash:

The shelf part of the 4A plinth is just foam, with the vinyl covering formed over it. Yours looks like it might have been recovered, perhaps the shelf portion had broken away before that.
I have a correct spare for a 4A, it has been in my basement for 20 years and various garages for another 10 or so, it is decent, but a little buggered up on one side, (bottom left corner) you might be able to repair it with one of those vinyl repair kits, anyway free for shipping price if you want it.
I don't think the new ones have the strap on the right side that a short bolt goes thru. It helps keep the plinth in place when you pull the choke cable. Best to get a good original if one can be found.
How involved is the install on a swith plinth? I purchased a new one this winter at one of our sponsor's "interior" sales but haven't yet investigated how involved it will be to install.

Can I easily unbolt the old one and swap in the new? Or do the right and left crash pads and dashboard have to come out first?

Just trying to figure how much time I need to plan for this.



From memory it's pretty simple

Two screws and a bolt under the dash (on my RH drive car it's on the RH side)

Plus of course removing the knobs and unscrewing the chrome threaded retainers around the switches.

Good luck. Graze
Also, the choke cable need to be removed. The other switches and stuff mount from the back (if I recall correctly), so you just need to remove the bezels. But the choke cable goes in from the front.
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