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Surrey Hard Top


Jedi Trainee
Hello All,

I am finishing my Surrey center section and seeking pictures of the passenger side, specifically the sides and front.

Thanks again


Jedi Warrior
Are you looking for photos of the headliner from inside the car? Or the outside passenger side? I don't know how to post photos to this site and don't care to learn. But I'd be glad to send you photos via your e-mail if you'd send me an address via jerryvv at roadrunner dot com. Be specific as to what you want and I'll try to get them to you.


Jedi Hopeful
Surrey Top

Tony, this is my former surrey top. I may have closer shots but can't find them right now. You can see generally how the passenger side interior of the top goes together from this photo. Will look if you need more.

Thanks and good luck, Jeff


Darth Vader

If you need any closer shots of the center section let us know. I've got 2, but neither has the headliner if I recall correctly. One's been repainted and the other is original paint (rough looking).

Would love to see shots of your finished result!

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