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TR2/3/3A Suggestions for shoulder harness retractable/inertia seat belts


Luke Skywalker
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Looking for suggestions or what you did for 3 point shoulder harness seat belts in a TR3. I used just the lap belt for 30 years now and would like to up grade. I never installed the chrome handle on the passenger side dash because of that. One quick stop and I call it the concussion bar. Anyway I may not have a choice but I don't want to drill a hole in the wheel arch ether to mount the shoulder harness part. I've seen them out there even if I have to give up the retractable part. Pics would be great!


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Andrew Mace

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Personally, I prefer the "static" type of three-point harness in older cars over inertia type, as I feel cars with the inertia type belts were designed and engineered specifically for such a setup. And purist that I am, I would have no qualms about mounting the shoulder part on the wheel arch, which is probably as strong a mounting point (if not stronger) than the floor mounts for the lap belt part. It is important to get the shoulder mount high enough so that it is not significantly lower than your shoulder.

I've purchased and have been extremely happy with several sets of three-point static harnesses and other seatbelts from these folks: https://andoauto.com/3point.htm



Luke Skywalker
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Thanks PowderBlue! Gorgeous interior! Although I didn't think about it when I wrote the introduction but my car is suppose to have the occasional seat. Not built yet. So that inertia real would be in the way. So maybe now looking at something mounting under or around the seats if possible.
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