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SU Carb Heat Shield


Jedi Hopeful
Can anyone speak to the pros/cons of having heat shields installed on their TR3/TR4 SU carburetors? I'm thinking about doing this, think it certainly couldn't hurt, but dont want to needlessly blow $35 on something that adds no real value. I'm not a racer, and I don't drive my car on scorching days. Thanks for the input!


Jedi Hopeful
I don't really think it's necessary. I drive my '4A on hot days and haven't had heat related fuel issues.

Don Elliott

Obi Wan
I would suggest that you don't need one. I don't have one on my 1958 TR3A. I don't think Montreal is any cooler than Maryland on any given hot summer day.

I had several TR owners advise me to install a heat sheild back in 2007 when I was getting a lot of stalling, stuttering and lack of fuel flow to my carbs on hot summer days - such as when I drove 1550 miles round trip to VTR in Valley Forge PA. I assumed (as did many others) that this problem was caused by vapour lock resulting from the 10% ethanol added to gasoline in USA. I later changed out a 51-year old rubber hose feeding the float bowls and I was told to add 4 oz. of Marvel Mystery Oil to the gas tank every time I fill it up. I have done this and all the fuel issues have been resolved. Sice then, I have driven over 7,000 miles.


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Jedi Knight
I had one on my '59 TR3. When I needed to service something (don't remember what, but it must have been on the carb side of the motor) it was so much in the way that I had to remove the carbs and heat shield to proceed with my work. The carbs went back on, but the heat shield didn't. IF, it's very hot, AND the car has only had a short sit since the last drive, SOMETIMES it stumbles a bit, for about 20 seconds after restart. I haven't felt driven to replace the heat shield.


Don, re. your Toronto-to-Maryland temperature reference, here is a rule-of-thumb I read years ago:

<span style="font-weight: bold"><span style="font-size: 23pt"><span style="color: #CC0000">70 MILES</span></span></span>

For ever 70 miles north or south, the average daily temperature varies by ONE DEGREE farenheit. When you think about it, it makes sense.


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
TR3BGeorge said:
For ever 70 miles north or south, the average daily temperature varies by ONE DEGREE farenheit.
Of course, that's only a very rough guide. Local conditions can make it vary considerably. For example, Los Angeles is typically warmer than San Diego even though we are roughly 100 miles farther north. And of course, Death Valley, famous for being the hottest place in North America, is another 100 miles north from here.
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