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Strange and interesting MGs


Great Pumpkin
I was at Britfest here in Morris County, NJ yesterday and saw lots of neat cars.....and some different and/or interesting MGs.

Including a wild MGA with a Jaguar V12 running six Webers (first three photos). Bob posted photos of this one on the Spridgets sections....he got a better shot of the custom nose.

Also, a semi-neglected MG-TF with an old ALFA conversion (photos # 4 and 5). The car was so dull and unpretentious that many folks didn't even notice it.

Finally, a well-worn Magnette that I've seen at this event before (last photos below).

Lots of other nice cars....including a few stunning MGA coupes.

And I'll just note that there was a lovely '74 MGB for $3900 that was very nice (photo and info in on my link below). I have no financial interest, but if I were looking for one of these, I'd buy this before restoring one. There was also a magnificent 1980 blank and gold Limited Edition MGB with only 10,000 miles for $10,500. It was absolutely like new.

To see all my photos from Britfest-2012 Click Here










Great Pumpkin
Country flag
MGA V-12!! Madonna Mia!!!! :shocked:


Staff member
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Thanks for pics, Nial. That MGA is certainly something -- engine sure looks massive in there.


Great Pumpkin
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Some guy in Sweden had a MGB with one in it. Probably pass everything on the road but a gas pump! :jester: PJ

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