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Stolen Healey


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This BT7 was stolen from a locked garage in Seattle last night (Tuesday, October 13). The chassis is HBT7L9928.

Stolen Healey.jpg

Contact me if you learn anything about it, such as a white hardtop becoming available for sale.

(Full disclosure: I sold this car to the present owner about 15 years ago, but had had no contact since, until he reported it stolen today. He also stated that he had not kept the insured value up to date, so perhaps this is a good reminder for you to update your Healey's insured value.)
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I'm really sorry to hear this. I have my two Healeys in a 'locked garage;' any idea how the thieves pulled this off: lock picked, window broken, etc.? Obviously, nothing short of a bank vault, and maybe not even that, can be considered absolutely theft-proof. Presumably, the owner wasn't home. A few years ago, there was a Nasty Boy stolen in the Bay Area and an 'APB' was issued to the Healey community; I think I saw the car in Alameda--it was pretty unique, with roll bar and other racing equipment--and I duly reported it but never heard if it was recovered (IIRC, it was on a trailer and both were boosted).

I'm actually kind of surprised; from what I've heard Hondas and Toyotas are the most stolen vehicles, because there are a bajillion of them, and they are easily parted-out. There can't be a lot of buyers for a 'hot' Healey, they're not even that expensive these days.


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Reid's advice about checking your insurance coverage is very timely. One of our club members was recently involved in an accident where another vehicle ran a stop sign and crashed into his very nice BJ8, damaging the frame, right fender and shroud. Although having classic car coverage he wasn't insured for the full value of the car and is now involved in trying to be made whole from the at fault driver.

I'm wondering if the stolen Healey is destined to be put in a container and shipped out of the country? In doing my Auction Report for the Healey Marque I've noticed how many Healeys are offered for sale with wrong chassis numbers. They are just so easy to change with two screws and a new ID plate it's an invitation for skullduggery.


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That's terrible..,I hope the car is recovered, in tact. I've been thinking about getting a GPS tracking device for my e-bike because e-bikes are such a hot item and easy to steal. I wonder if it might make sense to hide one in a classic car?


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Healey Rick,
I also thought of the possibility it might of gotten shipped overseas. And if so, then it may become a bit tougher to recover. But...

I will make another suggestion to all classic car owners. It's a long shot in recovering one's stolen car but it does provide proof of ownership (keep in mind you should also file a police report as well if the vehicle is ever stolen).

That is, and this especially applies to those who do work on their own car, to make notes on unique repairs made or scribe some kind of ID on a hidden part of the car and record it with a photo. Some of you know I keep a journal. But on some repairs I made in the past, they are unique to the car as well. Probably the easiest is to scribe "something" to the under part of the car only you know where it is, but which is easily traceable for future and then take a picture of it.

That's one thought I have, anyway.



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Man I am sure sorry to hear that.


U know what on my way to the Washington meet some time ago I was cautioned not to go through Seattle at several stop along the way. ?
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