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Steering Wheel Removal after being attached for 58 years. Nothing is easy.


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I tired PB Blaster for a week everyday. Then I tried to nudge with a hammer. It remained solid without any signs of moving.
Then I had a friend loan me some pullers. He had them in every conceivable design. Working with a steering wheel like the Sprite posed issues as far as fit.
I was able to use a drum brake backer plate for leverage.

It did not move. After 58 years the aluminum on the wheel fuses to the steel steering shaft.
On to the next idea.
1 Create Space (not a good idea if you are trying to reuse your wheel)

2 Get down to the Aluminum center of the wheel.

3 Start cutting and chipping.



4 Success


Now my threads need to be cleaned up from what I felt was gentle persuasion with a hammer.

SD Bugeye

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Not sure if that is a illusion or not but the splines on the shaft look twisted?


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To save the steering wheel, we had to destroy it :wink-new:

I've been in that situation a few times -- not so much on my '69 Sprite, other than some frozen tie rod bolts, but more often on bicycles which have a mix of aluminum and steel parts, and when they cold weld, it's rough.


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To save the steering wheel, we had to destroy it :wink-new:

MAD in Car form - mutually assured destruction - not just for foreign policy and cold wars any more :grin:
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