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Steering Wheel Recommendation


Jedi Hopeful
Hello All

I am looking for a leather wrapped steering wheel recommendation for a '76 MGB. As best I can tell, Nardi, Momo, Monalita and Tourist Trophy are my options. Is one preferable over the others?

Also, I'd like to put a hub on similar to the attached photo. However, I've only been able to find plastic centre with small logos on the vendors sites.

Is the pictured hub compabible with a '76 steering column, will it fit the standard wheels I've mentioned, and where can they be sourced?



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Great Pumpkin
Country flag
Might be wrong, but that looks like an MGA hub and logo button. Haven't a clue how it's attached though. PJ


Great Pumpkin
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Banjo wheel A and B hub. Set screws in the wheel at three points hold it in place. Not sure how it would mount on that wheel. Mebbe they just used the push in a different bezel?


Jedi Hopeful
A '76 B has the horn on the turn stalk, so I don't need the button to be functioning. I'm just going to watch Ebay and see if a MK1 MGB or MGA hub comes up, then get the wheel I want and work something out. May have to end up drilling some holdes in the wheel for the set screws, and use the recommended hub on the bottom side of the wheel.


Great Pumpkin
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A new MGA center piece is $18.95 at Moss. Why buy an old one? PJ
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