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Steering Column Bushing Removal


Freshman Member
I am disassembling the steering column from my Lotus Europa (from Triumph Spitfire/GT6), and I'm stumped by the two bushings in the outer column tube. They seem to be seized in place. Is there a trick to getting these guys out?

Thanks in advance,

John Nesbitt


Senior Member
After pulling the steel shaft out of the outer column on my 4A the two inner ruber bushing needed to be removed, there is a rubber nipple on each bushing that rests into a hole in the outer column which needs to be depressed inward and then I took some silicon spray and hosed down the inards real good, took another larger o.d. pipe that would fit inside the column but not through the bushing and rammed them out, harder part was putting new ones in because of the nipple alignment to the hole. Wish you best of luck.

Geo Hahn

Country flag
If it is the same style as Larry describes... I think some just lop off that rubber bump with an Xacto and let the new bushing push the old one further in as it is installed.


Freshman Member
Re: Steering Column Bushing Removal - Followup

I tried lopping off the bumps and pushing out the upper inner column - worked fine. My next question is this: I am left with an upper inner column with the old bushing (upper) stuck between the welded-on bit for the collapsible steering column on one side (lower), and a pressed-on bit of metal (upper), perhaps for the indicator cancel function.

Short of hammering off the indicator cancel bump, is there some way of removing the old bushing and positioning a new (upper) bushing?

Thanks again,

John Nesbitt


Luke Skywalker
Hi John,

I've used the technique Geo describes, lopping off the rubber button that keeps the bushing in place. An Xacto works, or I've used a drill bit. Next apply lots of silicone or WD40, then push it out with a large pipe as Larry suggests.

It's possible you'll still find the bushing stuck, sort of adhered to the inside of the column. I recall using a hacksaw blade carefully to split the bushing lengthwise, to loosen a badly stuck bushing. Just be careful not to scar up the inside of the column.

The large pipe also works to press the new bushings into the column. Lubing the rubber helps them slip in a little easier, try WD40 or even lighter fluid. I'd not use silicone spray when re-installing. You want something that pretty thoroughly evaporates in time, to leave the bush snugly in place.

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