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sputtering issue fixed...it was the timing


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I while back I made a post about how my BN6 would sputter (miss) when holding a steady speed and occasionally backfire during decel, yet run smoothly when accelerating. Yesterday I checked the timing using a timing light (purchased from Moss) that has an advance dial. Turns out the timing was advanced 34 degrees! So with the aid of my timing light, I adjusted the timing to 12 degrees advance (my BN6 has a BJ8 head & cam). Problem solved, now she runs great! I was all set to mess with the carbs, glad I started with the easy fix first.
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THE FIRST STEP TO TUNING THE CARBS is to verify valve clearance, contact breaker gap AND ignition timing.

NO EXCEPTIONS, unless you just like doing the work for nothing...


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Thanks for the advice Randy. I actually replaced the points,cond. dist cap, spark plug leads prior to checking timing. Haven't checked the valve clearance yet though. My goal was to troubleshoot/fix a specific problem, which I believe I did. Carbs/mixture seems ok.

John Turney

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"Carburettor", a French verb meaning leave well enough alone.

(Remembered from an old article somewhere in my memory.)
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