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Springtime in the Smokies! May 14-15


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This past weekend I went to an informal cruise night at the end of the evening when few cars were there and tons of social distancing... I went late on purpose to avoid the larger crowd... But local bylaw showed up and told everyone to leave... That's the current state of affairs... :( That yellow truck in the back is a Chevy Luv stepside and never got a photo of it because of when bylaw showed up, with my luck I'll probably never see that truck again...

A&W Cruise 13.jpg
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Great to hear you had that nice a turnout Mickey. We've put it on our 2022 "try to do" list. I spent the weekend doing tax return. The Hagerty Amelia Island Or Bust tour was in your area today I think doing a run on the Tail on their way to FL.