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TR2/3/3A Spring drive


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Hey Tex...it's spring...when are you taking our next road trip??

Well, it is spring here in Texas. Today we had our annual club blue bonnet drive. Although I don't have a picture, at least one TR4nut was present. I'm not sure where the next drive will take us. As you know, last summer while returning from Pennsylvania we stopped in Tennessee to cross off another state where we broke down. We also got to cross off "trailer the TR3 over 600 miles behind a UHaul" on that trip. That made a significant increase in the overall gas mileage the Tr3 got on that trip. Surprisingly enough, my wife is eager to go on another trip in our TR3, but we haven't decided where or when.

I know we will be attending the Texas VTR Regionals next month in Conroe, since we are the hosting club. Aside from volunteering, I plan to auto-cross, and of course, be judged. Last time my car was judged, it was awarded second place in it's class. Since mine was the only car in my class, I was a little disappointed, but still proud to come in second in my class.



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It's spring here in PA. This week we got a foot of snow. BTW, love the car.....primrose is my all time favorite. :encouragement:


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Today we had our annual club blue bonnet drive. Although I don't have a picture, at least one TR4nut was present.

Rumors of a guy fond of TR4s being at the run are true, though I didn't get a picture of him! I did get a different view of Jer's beautiful car though, as well as a mystery TR4 on its maiden voyage (~400 miles yesterday) after a rebuild. Forum Old timers may recognize it from BCF write-ups in the past..



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You guys look great in that car and have as much fun as you can with it. I might drive my tr3 to Oregon or Idaho, but you are the road tripper. Heck you need to be theTR3 nut for all your adventures. I for one am very envious; it would be something I would have done in my 20ites if I really had courage and money back then. I for one and again, believe these cars make us feel young, so be in your twenties again and go and I hope to see you, maybe in Kansas.

I believe it was TR4 nut that purchase some wirer wheels with tires on line off G-list from Tri cites Washington, a few years back. Well I had been looking at them also and was going to a relative’s house over there and had been postponing the purchase until I went. The guy that had the tires and wheels was in Hawaii at the time and we had it all set up, and later he called me and said he was sorry that someone in Texas bought them; I think it was TR4 nut.


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Wire Wheels? Nope, not this TR4nut anyway - I like the look of them but for long drives I prefer alloys. The red car pic happens to be from Larry (SCGuy), he sold it to a guy in Texas, not me, and then a couple of years ago it wound up in my hands. Finally got it back on the road, its been a fun ride.


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Oops...I think I bought those wires!?! If it’s any consolation, they were too worn to use. I think I passed them on during my free sale a couple years ago...
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