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TR6 Spring checkup


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Gave the TR6 its annual checkup today. Points ok, plugs ditto, a few drops of oil in the distributor shaft, a few drops in the carburetor dashpots, oil on the door hinges and latches, oiled the carb linkage and choke cable, topped up the brake fluid, added 1/2 quart of 20W-50 oil, checked the tire pressures, tested the fan belt tension and condition, checked out the electrical system - all works and now she's good to go. Took it for a test ride - usual rough ride on our crappy roads but no obvious problems. I had greased the trunnions last fall so no problem there.


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That is a good list, I feel like I take good care of my car, and it leads a pretty sheltered life, but an ounce of prevention (or oil or grease) is worth a pound of cure.
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