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Spridgets in South America


Senior Member
So,I have and will have opportunities over the next moth or so to be in South American countries. I am presently in Sai Paulo, Brazil. I was in Buenos Aries in Sept/Mexico City in October.

I am amazed that with the preponderance of vehicles that they obviously try to 'keep running', that I haven't seen any LBCs or essentially ANY older british make. It could be that I am sheltered and just not where they might be. Yes, old VWs, Old Asian stuff, a few old BMW/Mercedes..

Just wondering if anyone might have been down here before and noticed/saw any of the cars we enjoy?

I was kinda hoping that I might stumble across a parts source or establish some 'LBC Friends' in SA...

Were any imported here? Or did they come here a become part of the landscape over time?



Freshman Member
After eight days in the Dominican Republic and eight days in Colombia this summer, the closest I came was an old honda under a tarp in the DR.
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