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For Sale Spridget Parts Garagea Clearance


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I have parts as depicted in the attached photos, sourced from a '73 Midget (and some from a Bugeye) to clear out of my garage.

Sourced from Midget:
pillow dash w/top cover
collapsible steering column, cowl & key
driveshaft w/yoke
accelerator pedal arm
rear cowl trim
boot lid prop
shiftier tower ring
f & r shocks
coil springs
heater with hoses and windscreen vent tubes
handbrake lever
seat belts
complete wiring harness
cross-flow radiator
door and boot lid hinges and latches
pedal box w/ master cylinders
hydraulic lines
speedometer and cable
fuel gauge
frear bumpers w/brackets
front bumper brackets
glove box lid
rubber floor mats
rear license plate carrier w/ lights
motor mounts
water pump pulley
rear wheel hub w/studs
fuel tank supply hose
headlight trim rings
12 row oil cooler
10 row oil cooler
oil cooler hoses

Sourced from Bugeye:
handbrake assembly
front A-arms
steering arms
front drum brakes
rear brake drums
rear brake backing plates
starter motor
generator w/tach drive
voltage regulator

If there's something not not listed or clearly indicated in the photos that you might need, please ask.

No reasonable offers refused on any of this. Buyer pays shipping.

Howard Collins
Virginia Beach, VA.

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Hi, I just got a 73 Midget in fair condition. I will probably need a number of items from you. I'm pulling the starter today. It spins great but does not engage. Do you still have the starter? There are many more components I will probably want, like the dash and heater. Need to do more investigation first. Thanks.
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All of the items you mention are still available. Just let me know what you need and we will work out the details.


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Re: Spridget Parts Garage Clearance

I just added a Sports Muffler as sold on the Bugeyeguy web site. At most it has 500 miles of use. $50 plus shipping.


  • Bugeye Sport Muffler.jpg
    Bugeye Sport Muffler.jpg
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Re: Spridget Parts Garage Clearance

I am in need of the pulley for generator. Is this available?


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I am sorry to say that the generator is spoken for and that the guy needs it complete with the pulley.

Thank you for your interest.
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