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spot welder


Jedi Knight
Amongst the projects I'm trying to complete so I can shutter the shop is a 2001 Honda Accord that belongs to my friend and atty...Fred. He bought two Hondas that a young girl ahd tried to destroy..her fifth and sixth ones so far. One I put an auto. trans, a couple of window regulators and a few other things. This one was hit hard in the rt. rear corner, destroying the rt. rear qtr. panel and rear door. Took days to remove the twisted metal and door and then took it to the frame shop to get all the internal stuff laser straight. I bet I drilled 300 spot welds. I started tacking the new rear quarter on and said to myself"I'd kill for a portable spot welder" Called my friend taht owns a tool store...and I'm now the proud owner of one. While the wife was slaving over the buzzard, she told me to go play with the new toy. Assembled and spotted a half dozen or so areas...What a tool...heavy and I'll have arms like the Hulkster...and have another neat tool to sell later on.
<span style="font-size: 11pt">I've got one and I really like it- makes welding a lot faster and easier where it's suitable.


I also got a couple of different arms- long and deep ones and another set for hard to reach places.



I seem to have acquired a lot of welding equipment over the past several years...

The only issue I've had with this is that I think it's a proper industrial-duty one and then I needed to have a heavier duty electrical circuit installed, and I also had to use a "slow-blow" type of circuit breaker since the standard ones were too sensitive to instantaneous loads and keep tripping whenever I used it.

I don't know if you'd have that problem in the US....


Jedi Knight
My shop is wired for about anything I could think of plugging in...I have arc welders, mig..tig..every kid of elec. power tool available. Plus all my air tools for body work and paint equipment...three heavy duty air compressors so one dosen't get over worked, a rack, overhead elec. hoist...you name it. As soon as I started talking about closing down...people started lining up with requests of things to buy. My hope is that my son and son-in-law will accept some of the stuff as gifts...and then sell ALL of the remaining to a young guy starting out. Don't really want to take the time and trouble of seperating, cataloging and then having a huge garage sale.


Jack, If I remember right, aren't you also an IATN'er?
Any possibility of putting the info on their forums and seeing if anyone there is willing to move into your shop.
With times starting to tighten economically might be someone ready, willing and able to leave the line to go indy. I know historically that is what happened in SoCal...

Oh, and wishing you a happy holiday season.. Any luck with the glucosamine and collagen? Helps me considerably...


Jedi Warrior
Now that is something that I would like to add to my collection. I have been looking around at them, but have not seen the "one" as yet.

I would like to fix up my battery box with welds instead of rivets like the one I just did. I think the welds will be stronger and make blending in the new metal a bit easier.


Jedi Knight
I spent a while yesterday spotting the new qtr. panel on the 2001 Honda...works great, looks great...I guess the trick is keeping the tips clean and only spot bare metal..paint and sealant cooks up fast.
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