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Spitfire Spitfire lighting issues


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Hello- Looking for help with some lighting issues on a Spitfire Mk2

Head lights work when car is off and running
Break lights only work when car is running
Dash Lights work when car is running
Front left flasher works when car is running

Tail lights/Running lights do not work.

I cleaned the rear connections and made sure the bulbs are good and making contact. Also found what I think is a ground wire (wire loop) by the left rear tail light not connected, I connected it to the frame in the trunk. This did nothing to solve the above problem.

Any suggestions will be appreciated!


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The wiring to the rear of the car runs under/near the driver's seat (LHD USA). check that it hasn't been chafed or cut. Mine did and would blow a fuse every time I drove it.

Trevor Triumph

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When you say the car is running, is the engine actually running or the ignition is "on?"

For some reason, Triumph thought having headlights hot whether the ignition was off was a good idea. That brake / stop lights work only when the ignition was on was a good idea.
The front turn signal wire connection may drift apart at the front of the car. Check all the connections going to the bonnet. Both the power and ground can separate work loose and work intermittently. Running lights, meaning what some call "parking lights" rear license plate light, and tail lights on the same circuit - red, I believe. Check the fuse, fuse box, and connections on the scuttle tucked away so you have to stand on your head to see them. Connections to the rear part of the harness are also hiding to the left, near the windscreen post.

When chasing problems this spring we started with the battery and cleaned and secured every connection to each light bulb in the car. Time consuming for sure, but every electrical item worked, all lights, horn, overdrive.

It is my belief the electricity, auto electrics in particular, is black magic. I always feel so good when I have tracked down electric gremlins.


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T- Thank you for the feedback, your advice is helpful, I will continue to figure out this car. To clarify the headlights are hot all the time and yes the break lights only work with the ignition on and when the engine is running.
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