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Speaking of bondo


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I'm contemplating a little body work on my TR4 - the previous owner was unlucky to experience the rear wheel falling off due to loose lug nuts - resulting in a pretty small crease to the fender which is now annoying me.

I am going to try to straighten things out with a small amount of hammer and dolly work, and if successful this will be finished with a pretty thin coat of filler to smooth out the inevitable bumps. Total work area is about 6" diameter. I haven't used bondo in about 15 years - and when I did I used the garden variety type. Anyone have any recommendations on new stuff?



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I use "Icing" made by USC. It's a finishing putty, which translates to "extra fine bondo". It comes in a big fat squeeze tube, and is a little "soupier" than normal bondo. You use regular bondo hardner, and mix and apply it just like regular bondo.
It's specifically designed for skim coating, and or finishing layers. It's easy to sand, and gives a very fine finish.
I think it's tons better than the old "glazing putty" which was really nothing more than super thick primer. This stuff can be used like bondo or glazing putty.
You should be able to get some at your local auto body supply store.


Icing is excellent. You can start sanding after about 15 -20 minutes. Don't let it sit over night or else it becomes very hard to sand.
Try using a piece of light jersey material (an old t-shirt or a very light weight glove) between your skin and the panel when felling for high and low areas. It's amazing how much better you can feel imperfections.
I never used any other hardener than what was provided with the product. It has a very distinctive raspberry color to it. The counter people always referred to it as a catalyst and not a hardener. The mixing ratios are something like 50-1.


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just remember,
glazing putty is not meant to be built up, as opposed to filling in bondo air bubble holes. it is a finishing compound. when you use any filler , the metal that you apply it to should be prepped with a body grinder with a very rough disk. 40 grit. if you run you hand across the surface the metal it will almost cut you from the roughness.
the surface is sharp.the filler will "key" to the surface. the filler will not come off. if you need 1/8" filler, start with bondo.
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