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Spare Part Re-Manufacturing using 3D-Printing


Freshman Member
Dear Classic Car Owners,

The spare part for your classic car is too expensive? Or you even couldn’t find one? I am going to find out a solution. Additive manufacturing of spare parts might have the potential to disrupt the supply chain for classic cars spare parts.

Please let me know about your problems with sourcing spare parts. Your participation in my online survey as part of my Master Research Degree at Stellenbosch University will help the classic car community to maintain their vehicles, to benefit from an increase in spare part supply and to reduce spare part prices. For your personal immediate benefit, every participant enters a lucky draw for one personalized, additive manufactured emblem with your car and your name.

My name is Lukas, I am 24 years old, born in Germany and an enthusiastic classic car driver. Please click on the link below to start the survey.

Important note: This is not an advertisement and I have no financial benefit from your participation. Your participation is only beneficial for the community and for the completion of my master’s degree.

Thank you so much for your participation and good luck in the draw! Please share the survey with your Classic Car Community and all your friends.
Additive Manufactured Spare Part.jpg


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Lukas - since you are not selling anything, I'll allow this to stay for the time being. However - If people start getting spam emails as a result of providing their email address at the end of the survey (I am using a special email address just for this purpose and if I start getting spam email to that I'll know where it came from). Good luck on your Masters.

Now, since you indicated you have a Midget, I'd invite you to participate in our Spridgets forum to discuss that particular car.

All - I took this survey and it seems harmless enough. Apparently you can take the survey multiple times - each time you take the survey it will be asking you to name one particular part you may need sourced, so keep that in mind if you decide to take this survey.


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Like Basil, I like that this is part of school research. I am all in favor of 3D printed spare parts - not only for old vehicles, but I have seen it being used for heavy industrial equipment where it is cheaper to send a CAD file to a local print house than to ship a heavy piece of cast iron halfway around the world. (In that case, the 3D printing was a mold for casting.)


Freshman Member
Hi Basil and Popeye,

Thank you for participating in my survey. It is nice to see that other classic car owners are interested in Additive Manufacturing as well.

The Email addresses are collected (voluntarily) only for the purpose of the lucky draw.

Best regards,
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