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Spa Six Hours


Luke Skywalker
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Hi John -
I won’t be competing, there to support Nils-Fredrick Nyblaeus and Jeremy Welch with plenty of cheer.


Luke Skywalker
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Practice appeared to go well for the Healeys on Friday. Wet conditions predicted for Saturday’s races.
There’s a few pics of just two of the Healey racing.



Luke Skywalker
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The Spa Six Hour is a demanding and grueling event, then add rain and fog and it's a unbelievable race for the professional drivers. To watch the "gentleman" historic drivers run the six hours , three in daylight and three at night was spectacular. With over 100+ cars in the grid (30 GT40's) the Big Healey was way out muscled. Crispin Harris was the top Healey finisher at 68th, my favorite Healey team was the 100M #44 who battled water pump pulley problems and was in the paddock two or three times for repairs and still finished in the 73rd spot.

Spa #44 100-4M.jpg

Spa #44 100M 2.jpg

Spa Eou Rouge Night.jpg


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very cool! thanks for posting this


Luke Skywalker
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Here's some great views on this awesome track!

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