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Source for correct washer for overdrive drain plug


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Hey all,
The replacement gasket available from Moss and others for the large overdrive drain plug - brass one - does not fit well. Since it has to get past the threads of the plug, has to be a bit oversized so as a result slides around once in place past the threads and in my opinion, makes it prone to leaking. Anyone know of a better one available out there or has anyone tried a large rubber O ring or something that might snug up nicely. I've tried hylomar gasket maker resistant to gas and oil but that didn't work.


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I like the o-ring idea. Just wondering if that might allow for a better seal, and stay tight to the plug. There is enough room between the end of the threads and the head of the plug that it appears feasible.


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How about using the replacement gasket along with a couple of layers of teflon tape on the threads? An O ring may be worth a try, but I haven't had great luck using O rings on leaky oil pan plugs.


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Hey all,
Thanks for the feedback. Haasad the dowty washer looks like exactly what is needed if I can get one that will fit over the threads of the brass plug if the rubber gives enough when pushed down on the plug. Going to see if I can find a source over here.
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