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Some basic questions about Bugeye


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Here are some basic questions I hope someone will answer for me.

1. What is the proper torque for tightening spark plugs in the Bugeye?

2. What grade gas should I use with the Bugeye? For my TR3, I had to use high-test gas.

3. What lubricant should I use for the differential? For my TR3, I used gear oil.

4. What transmission fluid is recommended. For my TR3 I used Redline.

5. What engine oil is recommended?

I realize these are very basic questions, but I found that there were special requirements for my TR3 and there probably are some for the Bugeye.

Many warm thanks.


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1. Torque the plugs? .. tight is right, but not too tight. Some people index their plugs. Some don't.
2. I use high test. It depends upon the engine. You haven't said which one you have, but if you use regular and it pings, you know what to do.
3. I use Royal Purple gear oil 75/90 i think, but its been a while. Any good gear oil should work fine
4. Use the same thing that you use for engine oil. If you use 10w40 /put that in the tranny. if you use 20w/50 use that.
5. I like 20w50 Valvoline 1. It has enough ZINC. Find one with ZINC to prevent tappet wear. There are others.

Member 10617

Hi, Bill,

Many thanks. I have an unmodified 948 engine, original to the car. As for torque for plugs, the workshop manual says 30 lb. ft., which is a little higher than the recommendatin for plugs in my old TR3.



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Correct gearbox oil is 30 WT non-detergent motor oil. The reason for non-detergent oil (what all motor oils otherwise have), is that detergent oils will keep fine particles in suspension and accelerate were on bearings and synchros. You can use regular motor oil that you use in the engine, but wanted to make you aware of difference.
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