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So I guess I don't need to lay off the churros after all


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Widened Midget for sale :0




  • midget wide.jpg
    midget wide.jpg
    954 bytes · Views: 81


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Looks like he did a fairly decent job of it but that makes it almost wider than it is long. I would be skeptical of the integrity of it though.


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Looks like he did a fairly decent job of it but that makes it almost wider than it is long. I would be skeptical of the integrity of it though.

I sure would be too. The transmission/prop-shaft tunnel is a critical player in the stiffness of a Sprite.


Obi Wan
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More room to sit and easier, as if it wasn't already, engine compartment.


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I think it looks pretty good, though I think better at about half the extra width. I have seen small blocks in unwidened Sprites, though I am sure some surgery of the innnards is required.
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